As Creative Director, Sean provides a comprehensive vision for the integration of design and art into Q-Q Research Consultant’s lineup of services and products. His passion is to use the fundamentals of art, design, and technology to help build meaningful and engaging connections with our clients, our research, and the members of the Q-Q Research Consultants team.

Sean has over 20 years of experience as a professional designer. He is a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience in print design, motion graphics, web design,  branding, digital marketing, and design for social platforms. Living in Southern California, he has been privileged to work with a broad array of clients, including individuals, non-profits, educational institutions, and large corporations. Along the way, he has served in a multitude of capacities: designer, project manager, production supervisor, and creative director. His client list includes projects for Disney, Warner Brothers, LionsGate, Sony Pictures, Adobe, and many more.

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