About QQ Research Consultants

Q-Q Research Consultants is a women-owned 8(a) small business with over 20 years of experience using data, technology, and innovation to develop solutions for private and public business sectors and partnerships domestically and internationally.

We provide high quality and personalized services. Some of our clients include government agencies, community service providers, school districts, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and post-secondary institutions.

Our Core Values


We strive for excellence and commit ourselves to provide our clients with quality services.

Strong Client Engagement

Dedicated to operating with a high degree of accuracy and integrity.

Cultural Competence

Experienced in taking into account the role of culture when interpreting findings.

Data Driven

Utilizing data to chart impact and engage in thoughtful decision making.

Ready to Work With Us?

We do more than solve the challenges our clients have today. We collaborate to solve the challenges of tomorrow.