Sara Simeunovic is a Research Analyst with expertise in Political Science and Human Security. She has worked in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1995 to build leadership capacity, economic opportunities, and strong healthcare outcomes in vulnerable communities. With more than a decade of experience in the private sector, Sara believes in the potential of both private and public sectors to solve complex social justice concerns; what’s often lacking is quality data and indigenous knowledge to guide their strategies. While working in rural Haiti for five years, Sara developed a deep understanding of Haitian civic union groups, the human security crisis, and barriers towards capacity building within Haiti’s informal sector. In Haiti, she piloted maternal health and economic investment programs by focusing on gender-targeted priorities to strengthen healthcare outcomes between public and private clinics. Sara’s research focuses on strengthening rural female democratic agency. In addition, Sara has served as an electoral observer through the OAS, is an active member of APSA’s Human Rights and Capacity Building committees and is a mentor to Haitians seeking leadership development.

Sara holds an MA in Political Science from Virginia Polytechnic University and carries further human security and protection certification.

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