Sara  Simeunovic is a Research Analyst who works with organizations to assess insecurity and build peace capacity in fragile nations. Sara believes in the potential of both public and private sector to overcome complex social justice issues with quality data and indigenous knowledge to guide their strategies. Her areas of expertise include monitoring and evaluation, security analysis, qualitative research, and gender mainstreaming. As a political scientist, she has contributed to the greater academia surrounding female democratic agency. Through her background in security and democratic agency, she has worked with clients in some of the world’s most challenging contexts, while ensuring deliverables meet quality standards. Sara has overseen the effective coordination of projects on both a regional and national scale. As an example, Sara has worked with the U.S. Department of State in overseeing the administration of a nationally representative opinion poll during a time of state-wide crisis.

Sara holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Virginia Polytechnic University and carries further certification in Security Studies.

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