As the Director of Research and Business Development for Q-Q Research Consultants, Dr. Lexi Vollmer Rivera provides technical leadership oversight and strategic direction for research, monitoring, and evaluation activities and the procurement of business opportunities. Lexi believes that meaningful research, monitoring, and evaluation can only be achieved through community engagement based on respectful and mutual relationships founded in the tenets of critical theories, frameworks, and pedagogy. Utilizing these skills, she has established quality assurance and evaluation procedures, led evaluations and research, and created relationships with community members and funders internationally and in the U.S., such as the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Education, United States Institute of Peace, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, and International Republican Institute. With a passion for learning from others, Lexi has collaborated on projects in more than 10 countries, including conducting over 170 in-depth interviews, focus groups, and group discussions in English and Spanish with members of the community, government, civil society organizations, international agencies, academia, and media.

Lexi holds a doctoral degree in Spanish (Linguistics) with a specialty in Second Language Acquisition and a graduate certificate in Computer Assisted Language Learning from Arizona State University, as well as an SPSS Advanced Analytic Techniques professional certificate from the University of West Florida.

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