Ms. Monteverde is an international research and monitoring and evaluation specialist with 15 years of experience coordinating and evaluating foreign assistance, public diplomacy, and development programs. Giovanna also has ample experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research in more than 25 countries, with an emphasis on Latin America. Her expertise includes logic model development, performance measure testing, instrument development, fieldwork coordination, data analysis (multivariate analysis-SPSS), and report writing. She has led large-scale evaluations of multi-country, multifaceted programs in the areas of media and communication, public diplomacy and international exchange, environment, democracy, human rights, youth and adolescents, education, and social inclusion. Giovanna has worked for numerous federal agencies and international organizations such as USAID, the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), UNICEF, U.S. Department of Labor, Gates Foundation, ICF International, BBC World, Voice of America and University of Notre Dame-Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Giovanna consistently provides strong client-oriented project managerial skills, excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills and competencies.

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