Q-Q Research Consultants | Needs Assessments
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Needs Assessments

Needs Assessments


Q-Q Research staff is experienced in performing needs assessments. Q-Q Research can assist you in better understanding your community’s unique needs and assets. Our staff will help you design a needs assessment that identifies the community’s strengths, gaps in services and access, and preliminary steps toward action planning through the use of existing and new data that includes the community’s voice. Ultimately, you and your organization will have the information you need to begin to address areas for improvement in your community, including health and well-being.

  • Co-facilitation of the MAAP process
  • Identifying a representative sample
  • Designing questionnaires and assessment tools
  • Administration of needs assessment tools throughout the community
  • Facilitation of focus groups throughout the community
  • Analyses of secondary data
  • Analyses of primary data (both qualitative and quantitative data)
  • Developing asset maps
  • Compilation of community needs assessment process and data into a report
  • Presentation of assessment results, recommendations, and initial conceptualizations for action planning before relevant audiences


  • Conducted a needs assessment of Broward County youth to identify risks and protective factors associated with teen pregnancy and STI contraction
  • Findings supported a Federally funded Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative


  • Captured the attitudes and needs of Martin County, Florida residents regarding County provided healthcare services