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Federal Subcontracts

U.S. Department of Education:

Program evaluation for Miami-Dade County Public Schools Project Prevent, a five-year initiative focused on increasing capacity to identify, assess, and serve students who are exposed to pervasive violence. Additionally, this project seeks to ensure that affected students are offered the necessary mental health services for trauma and anxiety, as well as access to conflict resolution programs, and exposure to other violence prevention strategies designed to reduce the instances of violent acts committed by students. Evaluation activities include survey development and administration, conduct semi-structured interviews and focus groups and development of formative and summative reports.

Program evaluation for Florida International University (FIU) Title V Project Gateways, a five-year initiative developed to increase passing and retention rates of first year undergraduate students at FIU through the use of innovative educational techniques and technologies. Q-Q Research provided FIU with a comprehensive data review, conducted semi-structured interviews, performed data analyses and developed a formal final report.

Program evaluation for Miami-Dade College (MDC) TRiO Educational Opportunity Center. MDC’s TRiO EOC program serves the county’s (1) large minority population, (2) low income families, and (3) first-generation college students. The EOC program offers assistance with college admission and financial aid applications, provides guidance on college re-entry and GED attainment. Q-Q Research evaluation services for this project consisted of a desk review, interview with key staff, data analyses, and evaluation report.

U.S. Department of Education: Program evaluation for Miami-Dade College First in the World CCAT Math Project. The goal of the CCAT (Contextualized and Co-Requisite Algebra Track Mathematics) Math Project is to increase student pass rates in the course and support their progression to, and completion of, next level mathematics courses. Objectives designed to meet the goal focus on the implementation of faculty training and support, contextualized course content, remediation, and student support. Q-Q Research evaluation services for this project consists of program monitoring, focus groups, interviews, data analyses, and formative evaluation and summative evaluation reports.

Program evaluation of the Magnet School Assistance Program (MSAP) Grant, STEM: Increasing Rigor and Relevance (STIRR) Project for Miami Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). Q-Q Research conducted site visits, classroom observations and focus groups as a means to review programmatic elements of the STIRR project, elicit feedback from staff regarding the successes and challenges with implementation and to provide recommendations for program improvement

Florida Department of Education:

Program evaluation for several 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Evaluation activities include data collection, statistical analyses, focus groups, and the development of formal and summative reports, comprised of findings, strengths, and recommendations.

International Projects

W.K. Kellogg Foundation:

Evaluation of W.K. Kellogg Foundation investments in Haiti. Q-Q Research Consultants developed a comprehensive evaluation plan focused on the performance of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s programmatic work in Haiti, serving two target communes, Mirebalais and Cavaillon, where the Foundation has concentrated its resources. The evaluation is designed to provide timely feedback and reporting to help the Foundation improve upon its strategy and implementation of activities in support of education, health, financial stability and social equity for the people of Haiti. The evaluation will ultimately assess the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s contribution toward positive social change in Haiti.

Aquin Permanent Housing Project:

A collaborative project with W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Food for the Poor. Q-Q Research conducted a program evaluation to examine the impact of the Aquin Permanent Housing Project on beneficiaries in Aquin, Haiti. Q-Q Research also provided vocational/technical training for residents in the community receiving new homes. The training program was evaluated for its impact on residents proficiency in vocational/technical skills based on training (e.g., business, agribusiness, etc.), their capacity to create and sustain microenterprises, and/or to secure more beneficial employment opportunities using newly acquired vocational/technical and literacy skills.

Needs Assessments

Martin County Community Health Needs Assessment:

Q-Q Research was contracted to engage Martin County residents and capture their perceptions,
attitudes, and needs regarding the health services offered by the County. Q-Q Research engaged residents from 12 zip codes in seven cities to complete a community health needs assessment. Staff utilized culturally competent methods to adequately and accurately capture information from residents in the rural area of Martin County, which is federally designated as a medically underserved area, populated by primarily low income Black and Guatemalan residents.

OIC of South Florida Needs Assessment:

Q-Q Research developed and implemented a needs assessment focused on teenage pregnancy and STI education in Broward County. The goal of the assessment was to identify risks and protective factors associated with teen pregnancy and STI contraction among teens living in Broward County, resulting in a snapshot of the existing needs. Assessment results provided data on Broward County teens attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge about teen pregnancy and STIs. In addition to survey development and administration, Q-Q Research also conducted focus groups and semi-structured interviews culminating with a comprehensive final report and formal presentation delivered at the 2016 OIC-SFL Youth Prevention and Intervention Summit.

Little Haiti Community Needs Assessment:

In an effort to better understand the needs and priorities of the Little Haiti community, Q-Q Research conducted a community needs assessment in collaboration with Gang Alternative Inc. Little Haiti residents were queried to gather their perceptions regarding the needs of the community among a number of domains including health, education, and youth services. The final report provided social service providers, county officials, county residents, and other community entities with a snapshot of the community’s perception of the needs of residents in Little Haiti.

Miami Gardens Community Needs Assessment


The North Miami Neighborhood Network is a community-based alliance comprised of residents, service providers, community-based organizations, municipal government officials, and other community stakeholders. It was established to identify and respond to the community needs. The Network expanded its catchment area to include the City of Miami Gardens and with this new addition this, community needs assessment was determined necessary in order to ascertain the needs of Miami-Gardens residents. In collaboration with QQ Research and Peacemakers Family Center, a needs assessment was conducted. The assessment included residents perceptions of their needs in the area of health, education, and youth services. Findings were presented to stakeholders and a plan of action to meet the needs of residents was developed and implemented.

Disparity Studies

Q-Q Research conducted research activities for the Miami-Dade County Public School District (M-DCPS). The study incorporated regression analyses chapter, data collection, convening and organizing public meetings and facilitating semi-structured interviews. The study was designed to examine M-DCPS procurement practices with respect to small business owners and minority and women-owned businesses.

  • Miami-Dade County Disparity Study
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools Disparity Study
  • Palm Beach County Disparity Study

Health Initiatives

Healthy Community Partnership:


Evaluation of a five-year, place-based initiative funded by the Health Foundation of South Florida targeting the improvement of the health status for residents in two communities: Little Havana and Miami Gardens. As the lead evaluator for this initiative, Q-Q Research has engaged in survey development and administration, data collection and analyses, conducting semi-structured interviews and active participation in the Local Evaluation Team.


Projects for Non-Profit Organizations

Office Depot Foundation:

In an effort to expand their reach and contribute to the overall success of women in business, the Office Depot Foundation contracted with Q-Q Research to evaluate their 2016 Women’s Symposium Conference. Q-Q Research developed and administered a survey designed to assess the target demographic market, understand the motivation behind participant attendance and gather basic feedback pertaining to future topics. The evaluation findings will be shared with the funders and future conference planning committee member.

State of Florida Office of the Attorney General:

(Florida Consortium of Urban League Affiliates): Evaluation of the eight Youth Crime Prevention & Intervention (CPI) and Black-on-Black (BOB) grant programs across Florida. The Florida Office of the Attorney General funds the CPI and BOB programs implemented by the Florida Consortium of Urban Leagues: Central Florida Urban League, Jacksonville Urban League, Pinellas County Urban League, Tallahassee Urban League, Urban League of Broward County, Urban League of Greater Miami, Urban League of Palm Beach County and Derrick Brooks Charities. Q-Q Research monitored each of the eight sites for quality assurance and service delivery and provided a comprehensive monitoring report for each Urban League Affiliate followed by a summative evaluation report.

One Laptop Per Child Program Evaluation:

Evaluation of a project funded by the Knight Foundation which was the first deployment of the One Laptop Per Child program in the United States. Evaluation activities included data collection, statistical analyses, focus groups, and formal report with findings and recommendations.

Kids in Distress:

Provided consultation services for the deployment of the Effort to Outcome Data Management System (ETO). Assisted with the merging of data from each of KID’s current externally-controlled databases into the new internally-managed ETO system.