Dr. Karla Rivera-Torres is a Research Analyst at Q-Q Research Consultants who works with educational practitioners, students, and other related stakeholders. Karla holds 12 years of experience as a researcher in the fields of bilingual education and language and educational equity and access with an emphasis on issues that affect underrepresented, culturally, and linguistically diverse students in K-16. She is proficient in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, data analyses, and interpretation.  Karla believes in community-based and culturally relevant research to make informed decisions that benefit the community. She also believes that our researcher positionality should be in constant check throughout the research process, resulting in an iterative and reflexive approach to our research. Such an approach ensures that we are not inserting our own biases and beliefs into how we work with participants and interpret and write about data. Karla has presented at multiple conferences across the United States and has published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, in addition to book chapters and technical reports. She has mentored first-generation college students in various capacities, including graduate school and career advisement. Additionally, Karla has multiple years of experience teaching Spanish using hybrid models to preschool, elementary school, and college students.  

Karla is a native Spanish speaker and conversational in French. She volunteers as a community interpreter and translator for vulnerable populations. She holds a doctoral degree in Education with an emphasis in Human Development and Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  

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