Dr. Alexis Vollmer Rivera is a Research Manager who leads Research Analysts, Research Assistants, and Consultants as they provide research and evaluation services to clients who are seeking to impact their communities positively by making data-driven decisions. Through educating and collaborating with diverse individuals in educational, nonprofit, and research and evaluation contexts, Alexis knows that meaningful community engagement is created through respectful/mutual relationships founded in the tenets of critical theories, frameworks, and pedagogy. Utilizing these skills, Alexis has established evaluation procedures and created relationships with community members and funders, such as the U.S. Department of Education, Florida Department of Education, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Anne E. Casey Foundation.

In addition to holding graduate certificates in Computer Assisted Language Learning and SPSS Advanced Analytic Techniques, Alexis has published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented papers and facilitated trainings at local, regional, and international conferences.

Alexis holds a doctoral degree in Spanish (Linguistics) from Arizona State University.

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