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Our Services

Our Services

200+ research and evaluation-related client engagements
in the U.S. and abroad.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Q-Q Research will assist you with all of your monitoring and evaluation needs. Our team has experience working with programs that are large in scale and have operated for years. Whether you need consultation for program design, grant preparation, performance measures, survey design and administration, needs assessments, or a comprehensive evaluation for your program, we can help you.

Data Analysis

Q-Q Research staff is experienced in entering large amounts of data, conducting data analysis, and participating in ongoing research and data collection for federally funded research projects. Using large raw data files, staff has prepared new datasets via import techniques in various statistical packages (e.g., SPSS, MPLUS, STATA).

Needs Assessment

Q-Q Research staff is experienced in performing needs assessments. Q-Q Research can assist you in better understanding your community’s unique needs and assets. Our staff will help you design a needs assessment that identifies the community’s strengths, gaps in services and access, and preliminary steps toward action planning through the use of existing and new data that includes the community’s voice.

Capacity Building

Q-Q Research Consultants has expertize providing capacity building and technical assistance primarily focused on implementation of data collection processes, logic models/theory of change. Evaluation planning, including identifying indicators and outcome measures, data interpretation to support data-driven decisions, and results-based accountability.

Impact and Assessment Reporting

Q-Q Research provides clients with impact and assessment reporting. Reports completed by staff allow clients to make-data driven decisions regarding the implementation of their programs or initiatives. Impact an assessment reporting provides an objective perspective concerning effective implementation of goals and objectives, as well as assistance with determining if they are being met.